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Discover the 6 steps with Eduoco

Document Analyses

During this stage, we take a look at your training documents situation together with you. We then decide on a solution and a suitable strategy based on your specific documents and requirements.

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Advise & Optimization

Once the solution is clear, we advise you on the implementation and approach to ensure the scope, budget and plan are all clear. We then provide advice on full integration of your dicuments in next step.

Document Integration

Full integration of all your training documents in a fast and secure cloud solution that evolves with your business. We help you to use your time efficiently.


This phase consists of putting the solution into effect. We setup your platform and we make sure your platform is up and running and be tested. Our focus here is on maximising speed and minimising costs.


Our training courses are designed to help you get the most out of our solutions. We provide different types of training: in-house training, online training and monthly webinars about our products


Our support specialists are on hand to help you resolve any complex issues. They will always find a solution as quick as possible.Check the support page for more information